Heroes:Villains: notes and thoughts

I'll try to keep this shorter than the last Heroes show post. It shouldn't be too difficult.

This episode was a fairly good character builder for Sylar. Gives him some humanity. It showed his struggle against the "hunger". His attempt to fit in, to be a good person. The temptation is so much greater when he knows that a person has a power. It also shows one of the previous murders by Sylar from season 1 I was wondering about. Why did he never use the ability?
Also at the end of the episode Arthur appears to steal Hiro's power, but can Sylar break the time stopping, like he did with Hiro in season 1???
When Noah Bennett was watching the camera of Sylar doing his thing, was it just me, or did he display some sort of reverence for Sylar's work? I believe there was at least a little awe and respect. He also said Sylar's power is to transfer an ability. Not specifying if he can transfer them to others or not. Still a possibility.

There is actual depth to Elle now. Not much, she still is a dumbass, but a slightly more well-meant dumbass. Thanks for messing things up with Sylar. We can have Peach Pie then probe some grey matter in Trevor's skull! Gabriel Grey, grey matter(brains), a connection? Doubt it. But it makes me giggle anyway. The jealousy shown by Sylar was a wonderful touch. Very similar to his desire to be accepted by his mother for being special.

There is also some good shown in Angela Petrelli. She was being very motherly and protective. She also should have dreamed about Arthur not being dead at an earlier time.
Arthur Petrelli certainly displayed some poor people skills with his willingness to kill Nathan for the sake of his dealings with Linderman. He has quite a way with using others to get what he wants. Speaking of using others, what did he need Maury Parkman for? He has telepathy already, do it your damn self Arthur. Unless his talents are hindered or not grown enough.
Could Arthur give powers to people, maybe the ones he has taken? Sylar may have that potential(Noah's comment-"transfer"). Could Arthur have taken some things from Peter that would be like a power placement like the body in a body Future Peter had?

Nathan an Peter are shown to be determined and supportive of each other. Big suprise.

Does anybody remember when the slogan was "Save the cheerleader, save the world"?
She can't die anyway, so why did they need to save her. Was saving Claire simply keeping Sylar from be able to heal, and subsequently get the Shanti virus? Was it to make sure Peter could heal from the blast in order to fight Sylar? Or to keep Claire from becoming a whiner?
Well, I was also thinking, maybe her healing power could be keeping his power hunger in check. Do they even need food anymore? (On a terrible joke level, when Sylar poked around her brainpan, I couldn't help but think that she was totally being mind-f***ed. She seems to be reacting like it at least. Yeah, I am a sick bastard sometimes. I also made this comment a lot less graphic than when I said it out loud during the episodes weeks ago.)

When Thompson goes to collect Meredith and Flint on the train, where was the 'One of Us, One of Them' rule? At the end Thompson lets Meredith go, but in season 1 he was going to take Claire? Doesn't feel in character for him.

Hiro- I was somewhat pissed by Kensei being a white guy. That turned out somewhat all right. How much cooler if it was Hiro himself? Like if he went through training to become the great warrior that he was sort of going to be as Future Hiro. Calm and collected. In full control of his power. No reliance on Ando, but still desiring the outside influence of companionship.
But now he is apparently going to be even more useless. He needs to learn how to use the power instantly. While I quite enjoy his silliness, his inability to help himself properly goes against the ingenuity he displayed when he fake killed Ando.
Now because of his decisions he is stuck in Africa with Ando and a headless Usutu.

Usutu. Being a painter on Heroes leads to death. Note to self: Don't paint the future. Sure, cut back on characters. Let's cut out a person that has some great scenes. He took things in a practical way. How would you react to hitting a man with a shovel, then walking into a tent a second later and hitting the same guy again? Understanding his compulsion to paint(like Sylar's hunger???), he used it well, learned from it, guiding some, and helping when he could. Now he's dead. Not even any last words.
I mean Isaac showed immense growth and then had awesome last lines.

I really enjoyed the overlap with old footage showing the connections. Like the explanation of the train wreck, and Nathan's accident flight.
Also the mention of the Invisible man was a nice touch to add without having to pay an actor.

Whatever. I'm done now. Perhaps the next episode will spurn me to more creative speculation.

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