Heroes: It's Coming: Notes/Thoughts part 2

It occured to me last night that maybe, just maybe, if Sylar can receive powers by empathetic means like Peter, he may be able to collect and store them unknowingly as well.
Peter picked up multiple abilities he didn't realize he had until forced to use them. Peter saw Sylar use telekinesis, then later recalled it to stop Claude from breaking his face with a stick.
So it's probable that Sylar absorbed abilities he isn't aware of.

Peter had to access Sylar's ability to activate it, he needed to understand the mechanics of the function, unlike the other powers attained. So maybe Sylar needs to attempt to find these powers in a sort of brain file storage. If this is true, then Sylar now has Eden, Parkman, the Haitian, Nathan, Hiro, Angela, Arthur and Peter's(including the powers of all those Peter encountered) abilities, but has not accessed them. We can't forget all the people he encountered from "Level 5". (black hole guy, Flint, Jesse, etc)

He has an understanding of complex systems, but he has to be aware of the parts by examining the brain, before understanding the full extent of the system's properties. He needs to study and see to receive the knowledge. Like a super-power instruction manual located in the biological tissues. Now that he can gain abilities through empathy, he needs to learn how to use them. Practice is a nescessity now. The only time I know of where he didn't just know how to use a power was with the super hearing.

I also wonder if the addition of each new ability changes the contours of Sylar's brain. Like a physical rearrangement, to make room for new things. I still completely believe he needs to search around his brain pan to fully grasp how his own power works. Wouldn't having an understanding of the intricacies of a complex system help discover the flaws or weaknesses, and then assist in finding a way to reduce or eliminate them? So, Mr. Sylar, pop your top, snoop around in some skull-goo, and find a solution to the dreaded "hunger".

But, then again, maybe I'm wrong.
Sylar may need to consciously empathize to receive the abilities.

On a side note, what if Parkman's turtle is telepathically controlling Mr. Muggles, who is in fact using a puppy persuasion on Sylar, and Sylar is just pretending to be good??? Of course I am ignoring all the strugglin' with hunger moments. And the Future Family Man Sylar.

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