RIP: M. Crichton and David Foster Wallace

I believe Michael Crichton(11.04.2008) died of "cancer of the ER". It is sad that we lost a writer that came up with some amazing ideas(Jurassic Park, Sphere). It is even more depressing that the show ER has become so ludicrous, that is may have actually been siphoning years off it's creator. Poor Mr. Crichton. My condolences to your family, and your ghost. Please let ER disappear from television.
How many hospitals have rocket launchers being shot in them? Seriously.
And when someone needs aspirin stat, that person needs to be slapped. Stat.

As for David Foster Wallace(9.12.08), I will miss his work immeasurably. For those of you that missed out on his writings, I would highly recommend finding a copy of the essay "Consider the Lobster". A beautiful work on the questionable ethics of catching and cooking lobsters.
He also has a fondness for footnotes that borders on the absurd. They could be a work in themselves, so read them.

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  1. Sphere is a true window into Crichton's style of writing and imagination. I'll miss his non-global warming beliefs.