Heroes: It's Coming: notes and thoughts

Here is another lengthy Heroes blog to eat up your valuable time with crazy ideas in a scatterbrained manner.

I would like to say the Director did an amazing job on this episode. Hopefully this quality of work remains throughout the rest of the series.

The Petrelli's are ruining the world. Peter whines the world away, Sylar is a hungry bastard, Angela can dream the future(but not do anything about it), Nathan refuses to be a public figure, and Arthur likes to manipulate everyone and everything. They are the best dysfunctional family ever!
Arthur tried to kill Nathan(Car accident), Sylar tried to kill Claire(Nathan's daughter, implied in season 1), Sylar tried to kill Peter(in season 1's future, where he'd already killed Nathan, at Homecoming, in Mohinder's apartment, and at Kirby Plaza), Peter tries to kill Future Nathan, Future Peter shoots Present Nathan, Angela tried to poison Arthur, Arthur puts Angela into a coma.
I wonder if Arthur and Angela Petrelli killed their own parents to get them out of the way?

I do have to give credit to the writer's for making Peter a force of good again. Being capable without a power. A thinker, a go-getter.

Sylar finally learns empathetic power siphoning by being locked in a room with a sweaty, chained up Elle. (The first obvious Watchmen trailer ripoff so far) In this scene we learn that empathy DOES stop people from killing. He doesn't have to dissect brains anymore. By empathizing with someone you apparently lose the will to understand the complexity of working systems.
Did he find a way to use Claire's healing on another, or did she just exhaust enough electricity to be all right? If the latter is what happened, how much can she store? Like some kind of human battery and generator.
I also like how he becomes a bit more like Peter with the absorption ability. Now he has to feel his way into mastering powers, instead of having a full knowledge of how they work. He needs to practice, a very nice touch.
Does anyone remember Sylar knowing Mohinder's father's watch was broken before Mohinder's father did? So his power of systemic knowledge extends to knowing things before others, why didn't he know about his own ability. Turn it on himself. With the telekinesis he could probe his own brain without a problem.

Sylar + Elle + (heart symbol) + (censored) = little Noah from the future. More than likely, seeing as that is the exact formula for baby making. Mohinder should look into this, it might help his chances with Maya "when-I-cry-people-die" Herrera. Although... Sylar has the benefit of knowing an object's history... so does he know her history now??? EWWWWW... (if that's how it works then he could tell if Arthur of Angela were being truthful about their pasts)
Less likely would be Arthur regressing Noah Bennet's mind, and a Dead Future Peter magically showing up and stuffing him into a kid's body with the body swapping power, then high-fiving Papa Petrelli before returning to his future grave.

Why did Arthur regress Hiro into a childish state instead of stealing the power? I did completely enjoy his reactions to the current state of Marvel comics characters.(Spidey outed, Red Hulk, etc.) It also gives an idea of how his power works. He wants waffles, he shows up at the place that has his favorite waffles. Focusing on something he wants/needs, and he travels to where it is located.
So Hiro is now has to relearn everything he didn't learn in the first place. Only now he has to do it in the remedial class. Poor Ando. No wonder he kills Future Hiro, he's a moron. Again.
A dose of Claire blood could heal his brain and restore memories.(like Peter, Angela and Adam)

Usutu- Arthur killed him and then he shows up in Parkman's quest into Angela's mind. So was he there or is he a product of Parkman or Angela? Or was it Parkman's turtle, who I believe may be working with Mr. Muggles in pulling all the strings behind the scenes.
If he could paint Hiro showing up(twice), and avoid Hiro, why couldn't he paint his potential death(like Isaac)?
Speaking of dead Usutu, who's the person painting on the buildings in New York.(the cracked Earth with the "Godsend" symbol when Mohinder got his power on the dock and the one Peter and Claire see on the apartment wall) Is there other painters out and about? I know Isaac's 9th Wonders comics are still going. But how are the comics getting info from this changed future? They changed the future AFTER Isaac died. So the 9th wonders issues he made all were for that future(Future Mohinder saved Hiro by stabbing a needle into the Haitian). What the Hell man??? Is someone else now making them? New and improved 9th Wonders comics, made by Arthur and Gabriel Petrelli!!! (they're the only ones to have the painting precognition FOR SURE)

Has Parkman been the only one to push through the Haitian's power? Why aren't they showing that type of power struggle anymore?(Like Sylar breaking through Hiro's timestop in season 1)
He can partially get through the Haitian's power, but didn't see Daphne was working for Arthur??? Are her thoughts super fast? That would be sweet.
Parkman broke out of his father's trap, so how would Arthur stand to keep him locked in? Anyway, I think that Arthur made a very good move in letting Angela go. The scene had great emotional conflict.

Same goes for Mohinder. He is getting back to the struggling scientist he started as. Choosing to do the right thing, instead of what he was asked to do. He should also get his scales checked soon. Nasty. That's what he gets for webbing street-goers to walls. Hey, why did Mohinder's test subject go bad so fast, while Mohider is still mostly normal?

The Eclipse. Didn't a bunch of the "Heroes" have their powers before the eclipse? I know Kensei didn't have for-sure powers until after the 1600's one. Or how about the parents with powers? If the powers were based on eclipses, their abilities would have been gone at the beginning of the first season.
Also didn't Claire survive as a baby from her mother's fire?

The formula is missing something, a catalyst.
How could that be? In the future plenty of people seem to have powers, but Hiro and Ando were fighting over the formula. Why?
The catalyst for synthetic powers needs to be in a human host according to Mohinder. Was the original in Kensei(Adam Munroe)? Because both Nathan and Tracy/Jessica/Nikki were definitely synthetically given powers at birth long before Claire was born.

Angela's dreams have been altered. Originally a bunch of people were dead.(I think there was Hiro, Parkman, Claire, Peter, Noah(other???)) That one had Sylar, Tracy, Maury, Knox and Adam in it. Now Maury is presumably dead, and Adam is a pile of dust. So that is definitely not happening. The second was Tracy, Nathan, and Peter dead(I don't recall other people dead in that one), and Arthur was the bad guy. So things, they are a-changin'. The future has already been changed. Twice. Disaster averted. Celebrate.

A war is coming is going to be somehow a powerless fight.(from the commercial) The sides being Primatech Paper Petrelli and Pinehearst Petrelli Biotechnology. Camp Primatech has the benefit of Noah Bennett. He's been kicking ass sans powers for the entire series.
If they get their powers back, then Primatech also has the Haitian. But, then again, they also have a mopey Claire, an already powerless Peter(Impotence strikes Primatech!!!), and Daphne(who already works for Arthur).
I really hope they don't build suspense and blow it bigtime, like the Peter vs Sylar battles.(in season 1 future or Kirby Plaza)
It NEEDS to be epic. Through time and space(Hiro/Arthur/Daphne(speed)), in the material now(most people), and in the psychic planes(Parkman/Arthur). I want to be sweating from Oh. My. Gawd!!! moments. Crank up the intensity on a 1 to 10 scale to around 371. I expect roughly 2 gazillion% increase in awesomeness to make up for last seasons lack of confrontation.

"It starts with light, and ends with light. And in between there is darkness."
Maybe the end is in this quote from the end of the episode. Good guys win, but at great cost and through much suffering.

Post Notes:
I still have a sneaky suspicion that Angela has Persuasion powers like Eden. She seems to do this multiple times in all 3 seasons.

Future Claire and Future Hiro/Ando. I currently believe Papa Petrelli uses mind control to make them into complete douches(for the future episodes). Claire's you can tell by the dye job, and it's hard to tell with Hiro and Ando. Either one of them could have been brainwashed into something. Ando into believing Hiro ditches him(in child or adult mentality), or Hiro into thinking Ando is an evil spawn of Satan.
(Someone sent a screen capture of Future Ando to me, he has a Pinehearst pin on his coat. His turncoat. What a traitorous jerk.)

Is anyone else expecting stupid lines from Knox like:
"I'm from the school of hard Knox!" or
"There is nothing to fear, except fear itself... because it smells like a fart and now I'm super strong."

Knox and Claire's Uncle Flint are totally the Bebop and Rocksteady(from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) of the Heroes universe. Arthur hired two highly incompetent goons to do his petty work.

I think my fingers are bleeding from all this typing.
My brain stopped working about halfway through this post. Sorry guys.
How do these Heroes posts get so damn long?

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  1. I always though Angela had Persuasion powers and when i found out she had those stupid dreams (that btw, are always wrong) i almost cried!
    How did Arthu get the Haitians power from Peter? And why didnt Arthur just and use the Haitans power on him in My Father?
    And ytf did Adam dissolve? He's been near the Haitian and he didnt die :(
    (PS i miss Eden. And Candace. And Jessica/Niki cos Tracy cucks And Monica - what happened to her?)