Why the Hell isn't there a Lego Lord of the Rings video game?

I must say that the Lego video games are awesome. Fun for all ages. Beginning with the Star Wars on PS2, I have tried them all.

Both Star Wars games are extremely enjoyable. Loads-o-Jedi fun, using the Force on all sorts of objects and destroying everything in sight to collect the Lego equivalent of money.
While... Indiana Jones is somehow not very good at all. It just feels like something is missing.
That's OK though.
Lego Batman more than makes up for it. You can play as the good guys through the Batcave, or as the villains in Arkham Asylum. The variety of characters and levels is high. Both male and female characters, good and evil. You even get to drive the Lego Batmobile. Hours of enjoyment.
(I got to play as Mr. Freeze! Score!)

The downside to these games is that if you aren't playing with a second person, some parts become unbelievably infuriating. The helper AI is more of a hindrance than a partner, which often times ends up with me getting killed. They seem to just wander around being ignored by bad guys while you get the undivided attention of anything that causes damage.

Now to what I wanted to suggest.
What I would LOVE to see is a Lego Lord of the Rings trilogy. All three movies in one massive game. There would have to be a ridiculous amount of levels. A million characters. I would gladly pay triple-price for a triple-size game.

Think of the epic Lego quests... Lego-las(even his name hints at this) shooting arrows into trolls at Minas Tirith, Gandalf swinging his staff at a monster sized Balrog during a falling level in the mines of Moria, Aragorn chopping the hell out of goblins at Helm's Deep.
How much fun would it be playing Treebeard at Isengard stomping some orc ass!
What about Frodo wearing the ring in a blurry, staggering wind level?
There could even be freakin' 4 player Lego action. Not 2 but actual multiplayer, 4+ people at once. The screen would be full, but worth the confusion.
Perhaps online play in the mega-battle scenes. People playing on both sides, good or bad, borderline MMO stuff.
As bonus levels, if they wait long enough, they could have stages from the Hobbit. Imagine how great a Lego Smaug the dragon could be. Sitting on tons of golden Lego treasure.
Oh, sweet lord, this game would have amazing possibilities.

Why hasn't this been made yet?
It NEEDS to be made.

Like it wouldn't sell a gazillion copies. Rings fans, Lego fans, video game fans, everyone and their great, great, great, grandparents' ghosts would buy it.

finally a neat little link to a Lego Star Wars article:

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  1. dude.. i bet they are going to make it, i think they are just waiting for the hobbit to come out and they will do that first and then follow it up with lord of the rings, like the order they did star wars in. But oh man.. there is no way it could be anything less than the greatest legos game ever.