Presidential Election Shenanigans

Here is some quick things on the elections:

Isn't America the great melting pot?

Wasn't this country founded on freedom for all regardless of belief?

Oh no, someone has an opinion that isn't exactly the same as mine? Better label them a terrorist, because that's obviously what they are, being different and all. So much for freedoms.

McCain is all about war. War this, war that. "I will fight for America. I will fight terror." Fight, fight, fight. Do we want a president more focused on spending our lives in continuation of a war that has gone pretty much nowhere?

Of course he knows all about fighting. Considering he was born sometime in the mid-cretaceous era, he probably took part in every major war since storming the gates of Ilium in the Trojan war. Being born that far back would explain his tiny Tyrannosaurus arms.(see my illustration)

Why does McCain always say "I've been there." I been to Georgia a bunch of times, but that doesn't mean I know a damn thing about Georgia or the people that live in that state, and that's part of our own country. Even living somewhere for a time may only provide a small demographic of the locales culture.
As for the war itself, it's a never ending problem. The middle east area has been at war since, oh, I don't know, FOREVER. War is eating up our moral. While total withdrawal may be an impossibility, there should at least be a gradual pullout of troops. I mean, come on, honestly, we can read newspapers from space, have GPS systems, and all manner of crazy other technologies, and we still can't find Bin Laden. Ridiculous.

He is quick to anger, and eager to enter conflict. This has not worked in the last 8 years, why would it work now. The time now is for a man of diplomacy.

I feel that Obama is more focused on fixing issues here, instead of leaving us fighting a "war on terror". He is looking to the bulk of America, the middle class. Our country cannot grow if we are hemmoraging all our resources overseas. A global economic problem is here because of foolish steps taken. Not just because of Bush either. Many were involved.
It doesn't matter who is elected, change is coming.

Change. Will. Happen.

I just believe that Obama is the better candidate.

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