Netflix: Marvel: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders All Get Trailers!

     In addition to the news from Marvel at SDCC today of Ghost Rider coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we also get goodies for the Netflix shows!

First up is for Luke "Power Man" Cage, we get a nice teaser for the season that airs on Sept. 30th.

     Then we get a teaser for the Luke Cage's friend, Danny "Iron Fist" Rand's series listed merely as "coming soon."

     And finally we get the culmination of all the Netflix shows with a very minimal teaser trailer for The Defenders, and is listed as arriving in 2017.

     I'm not going lie, I'm super pumped for Luke Cage.  I was hoping they'd originally would've cast the ultimate badass Erik King from Showtime's Dexter as Luke Cage, but Mike Colter was phenomenal in the role on Jessica Jones and he just leaves me wanting more.  He solidified my appreciation for the character and the show looks wonderful.

     As for Iron Fist and The Defenders, Netflix has proven they can do right by these Marvel properties, so they'll turn out well.  Despite my unfavorable opinion on how Jessica Jones should've ended- she should've ripped out Zebediah Killgrave's (The Purple Man) tongue and left him alive- I'm still exited for whatever they've got coming.  (Seriously, they even mention tearing his tongue out during the show!)  Anyway, with what little we got for teasers has given me a great interest in the shows to come.

     Plus, we are still getting a Punisher spin-off series at some point- and more Frank Castle is always a good thing.

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