Morphite: A Pocket-Sized No Man's Sky

     We're Five games, in co-operation with Crescent Moon Games, is developing a wonderful procedurally generated mobile game called Morphite.  It's a 3D first person exploration game in the same vein as No Man's Sky.

    There'll be planets to explore, creatures to collect and sell, and an array of weapons to use against bosses.  The weapons will be upgradable through finding minerals, and there's even traders and stations to swap materials to make things a bit more interesting.

     From our ship, we'll be able to traverse between galaxies and use a drop pod to visit the individual planets.  Each of which will unique properties.  Because they are procedurally generated their atmospheres and environments will shift.  The flora and fauna will change between visits.  It'll never be the same.  In addition there'll also be alien temples with mysteries to unravel on our expeditions.

     Currently, we'll be set to explore 7 planets, but I recall reading that, "We plan on having 8 planets as part of the main storyline, and possibly millions of other planets to explore. You will be able to save enough data for around 500 planets - I think." [ 2 ] While I don't think we'll have nearly that many, at least not at first, it'll be cool to see exactly how much space we are free to roam and explore.

     As it is, Morphite looks to be a game that might expand the way we look at the mobile market.  It's a good way to expand what's being done, and bring more of the PC and console feel to our pocket devices.

     Morphite is still being developed and doesn't yet have a release date.

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