Justice League: SDCC (Comic Con) Trailer Footage

     With all the great things going on at SDCC 2016, it was a sure bet we'd get the Wonder Woman trailer, but this Justice League one is a bit of a surprise.

     What is a bigger surpriseis how awesome Ezra Miller's Flash is.  He's all set to be the most entertaining character of the film.  Also, that nice jab at Aquaman talking to fish was a very nice touch.

    Although, I do have to question how DC Comics's handling of their film properties are really copying the Marvel precedent.  Wonder Woman's trailer looks an awful lot like Captain America: The First Avenger, and Justice League is really hitting all the Avengers notes.  They are formula's that work, so I'm not really put off by it.  At least DC is learning and these films are looking better than their predecessors.

     Also, where's Green Lantern?  He was cast and removed from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and there's no sign of him in this trailer- so where's our intergalactic policeman? We need a cosmic powered emerald warrior to help fight Darkseid.

     Justice League is set to arrive in theater November 2017.

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