Gravity Rush 2: Release Date & NEW HEIGHTS Trailer

     Fans of the Playstation Vita's most spectacular game Gravity Rush are all getting a dose of gravity altering excitement with this new trailer for its PS4 exclusive sequel.  Kat, Raven, and Syd all return as well as some new faces, including Angel.  A new helpful character with crystallization powers, that appears to aid Kat when she's being overwhelmed by the Nevi.

     The game isn't all about being serious though.  There's things to watch for such as people and animals reactions to being caught in your gravitational fields, silly Sailor Moon-esque finishing poses, and even a quest line where Kat is starring in a movie in the game.  Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama wanted to keep the game fun and upbeat, so the inclusion of these elements were a necessity.

     In addition it's been announced that Studio Khara will be producing an anime titled Gravity Rush the Animation ~Overture~, detailing the events between Gravity Rush and the sequel.

     Gravity Rush 2 lifts off December 2nd.

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