Suicide Squad: Boomerang

     With Suicide Squad nearing it's theatrical release, I anticipate a plethora of hype through marketing.  There's been a ton of trailers and tv spots, action figures, and even a mobile game, which sadly doesn't have Boomerang as a playable character.  

     Since the first trailer, I've actually been most excited to see this incarnation of (Captain) Boomerang.  I was initially worried because Jai Courtney was cast, but he actually doesn't appear to be his usual sack-of-meat "acting" self and seems like he'll be putting forth a real effort, which all of us fans will be grateful for.  Hell, I might even cosplay as him sometime this year.

     This film looks like it'll be a ton of fun.  I can't wait to see how many of the cast don't make it out.  Coming as a fan who really enjoyed the 2001-2002 run of the series, I hope the toll is high.  And if you get a chance to read that series, do it- particularly issue 3 with the island of killer ants.  That issue alone is worth reading the whole dozen issues.  

     Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th.


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