Pokemon Go + Boondock Saints: Where You Going Eevee? NOWHERE!!!

     As many people have already experienced, there's an overabundance of bugs and problems with Pokemon Go.  Servers crashing, loss of game data, among other things.  It's still fun, but alas- I couldn't help making this meme combining Pokemon Go with one of the best moments from The Boondock Saints.  Maybe I'll call it the Pokemon Saints?  I'll keep it in mind if I can think of better memes for this combination.

   This is how I feel the game is going right now.  It comes to a grinding halt consistently, crashing almost exclusively when a rare pokemon appears.  I've grown quite irritated by the inexplicable loss of pokeballs after a crash with the rare pokemons as well.  Sure, Niantic will definitely fix many of the issues, but it just feels like they rushed the game to an early release for the summer months.

     When this game gets back on the right track, it'll crush it for a very long time to come.

     Good lord, I looked back for old Pokemon meme's I made, and it's been nearly 5 years.  FIVE YEARS!  Here's the link if you're curious and want to see them- [ Pokememes ]

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