451 Media: SIX: Issue 7: Comic Review (S6X)

     Where SIX issue 6 had taken things from a small party to a war zone, issue 7 has mirrored that.  The issue begins with the cliffhanger ending of the Five-One Sand Scorpions being out-manned and nearly overrun by the Cartel.

     Even in the face of imminent defeat the SIX fight tooth and nail to hold their ground.  McQuade, Angel, Blink, Hashtag, Stonewall, and Abe all have a promise to keep and each their own reasons for fighting.  Atonement, guilt, and above all, honor- they are all desperately pushing on to find either sacrifice or redemption for these things.

     The casualty count is high on both sides and the issue ends on a very somber note, going from explosive action to mournful reflection.  But, it also leaves us with the knowledge that things are definitely not finished between the remaining members of McQuade's SIX and the Cartel.  There is something coming, a looming shadow, and I can't wait to find out what it is.
     Personally, I'm really curious to know how the leader of the Cartel, Señor Martinez, knows so much about the SIX in the first place.

     George Pelecanos (Writer/Producer of HBO's The Wire) and writer Andi Ewington have done it again.  Action, drama, and intrigue all woven perfectly into one wonderfully suspenseful issue.  Mack Chater's art feels a bit looser this time around, but it fits perfectly with the chaos of combat and the nature of war depicted in these pages.  They've created an amazing story in the same vein as The Magnificent Seven and there's only one issue left for the finale.

     Since their first published comics just under a year ago, 451 Media (now also known as 451 Entertainment for the comics side of things) has been consistently producing great content.  From the missing persons drama Sunflower, to zombie horror Self Storage, or the twisted tale of a ghost hunting Ebeneezer Scrooge in Humbug, and all the way to the World War 2 monster squads of Ex Mortis, every issue of each series keeps getting better and better.  They're truly creating a new standard for the comic book industry.

     SIX issue 7 will be available this Wed. July 20th.

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