Hitman GO & Lara Croft GO Creators Parody POKEMON GO

     Square-Enix Montreal, developers of the awesome Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, and the soon to be released Deus Ex GO, have made a wonderful little parody video of Pokemon GO in their own style.  I'm actually curious as to how one might get by the Snorlax in the back, which would presumably be an enemy or obstacle in later levels of this fake game...

    It's always fun when developers can put out small jokes at each other's expense with just sheer fun in mind.  This is a great example of it and I hope to actually see more short videos poking fun at other games from more companies.

     Once again, well done Square-Enix Montreal.  Keep up the excellent work!

     Source [ Square-Enix Montreal Twitter ]

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