John Carter of Mars: Sequels Logos Revealed by Andrew Stanton

     Aside from the fact this was a great movie done in by mismarketing, among other things, it remains a favorite of mine since it arrived in theaters.  John Carter should've been marketed with the "of Mars" attached and touted as the "Story that started it all!" because in reality, it did.  It heavily influenced all big science fiction stories after it through the last whole century.  From Flash Gordon and Superman to Star Wars- they are all progeny to Edgar Rice Burrough's Princess of Mars series, and that fact might've helped sell it to movie going audiences, because many that didn't know the story really precedes all the the ones people think it copied is kind of important for people to know.

     Anyways, director Andrew Stanton posted a couple neat logo teases had the movie done well.  Perhaps it was done to generate some cult appeal and late sales of the film, either way it's more advertising for the film I adore.

     Sadly, for all of us fans that loved the movie, since Disney has acquired John Carter's progeny, Star Wars, any new hope for the Martian Saga sequels remains far, far away.

     Here's another John Carter post I did professing my enjoyment of the film:
          [ John Carter (of Mars) ]

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