Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones

     I've got to be honest here, I stumbled across this today and am very curious.  I enjoy some action platforming games from time to time, and I do like dogs a lot, but this game has me at a disadvantage.  It's meant to be a very difficult, as difficult as it was for creator Tim Rogers (Action Button Entertainment) to beat Super Mario Bros. 3 without being hit a single time.  Every level, straight through, without warping.  That feat will require an immense amount of skill, patience, and determination, none of which I have right now.  But that animated corgi is sooooooo tempting.

     So here's how the game works- Tuffy the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, being an overexcited canine, moves of his own accord, and you as the player can guide him in two ways- altering his direction with any button on the left side or tapping the left side of the Vita screen, or making him jump by pressing any button/tapping the right side of the screen.  The simplest of control scemes.  But here's the catch, a single hit and you die and start the entire game over.
     To make it a little bit more of a sting, the game will tell you your death count after each one, the game keep track of every one.

     Mr. Tim Rogers did put something interesting out there, a sort of challenge, to tweet him a screencap of making it to the top of the tower with all 108 bones in the game.  In addition, he's also hinted that there might be different endings if you can make it to the top of the tower with some, all or even NONE of the bones.  An intriguing ploy to give it some replayability.
     As I doubt I'll ever put in that much effort, more due to the fact my games backlog is almost in the triple digits, it's still a neat way to spend a few hours of time.

     Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones is available on the PS Vita through the PSN, and can be found under the Playstation Mobile section of the store.

     Source [ Playstation Blog ]

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