The Last Guardian: Amazon Lists Placeholder and Release Date

     I saw this last night, and have been thinking a lot about it.  After being in developmental hell for something like 7 years, Amazon has put up a placeholder site and lists a release date as December 31, 2014.  I know many stores previously had placeholders like Gamestop, but they refunded my money for it long ago, so I take this new one lightly.

     Because there's been so much trouble and a huge lack of any real information about the game I think many gamers have lost hope or have severely reduced expectations for it.  Even Ueda's rare comments about how it's still coming and Sony's assurances haven't really helped either.  If this is shown at E3 and is coming then I'll prepare to fangasm over it.

     Personally, if this is really true, I hope they've fully updated the graphics to be PS4 level quality, a complete overhaul to make use of the new system (which would help explain at least some of the years of delays) and have it be staggeringly beautiful, otherwise we might get a horribly underwhelming release.  No one that's waited this long wants it to be a disappointment, so we can only hope for now.

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