Pavilion: Extended Gameplay Trailer

     I remember seeing things about this game back in February and it looked great.  Today they released an extended gameplay trailer that really doesn't give us a lot of what's going on.  I mean the game description itself is making people question what exactly is a "4th person game?"

     Over on the Playstation Blog, Creative Director of Visiontrick Media, Henrik Flink, has given us a little bit of insight on the puzzling question of Fourth Person Gaming- revealing to us what we might expect with Pavilion:
     The second thing, as requested, is to uncover some more information about the gameplay of Pavilion. Without going too deep spoiling specific puzzle features, we’ll try to shed some light on the overarching gameplay by presenting the three fundamental components that make up Pavilion’s puzzle design. These three things are woven together, and all three aspects need to be taken into account when solving puzzling situations.
  • The first of the three components is the main character seen running around in the world of Pavilion. His behaviors and personality need to be observed, understood and aided, for you both to traverse and progress in the game.
  • The second component is the environment. The layout of the surrounding world in which the main character is traveling will affect his traversal.
  • The third component is the interactive objects which can be manipulated and thus affect both the environment and, indirectly, the main character.
     Apart from these three in-game components, there’s also an outside fourth component, the wielder of interactive objects that brings forth reactions from the character and changes in the environment.
     Pavilion sounds like a new breed of game, and it certainly looks like a very interesting puzzle to solve.  They've definitely engaged my curiosity, and I look forward to playing it when it releases sometime this fall.

     Source [ Playstation Blog ]

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