Mortal Kombat X Official Announcement Trailer!

     One of the Mortal Kombat Series creators had been teasing audiences with cryptic Tweets for the past few weeks, and today gave the reveal and trailer for the next installment of the series- X.

     It's looking pretty damn spectacular.  Combat seems to be still the same old side-view 2D, with the inclusion of using environmental elements, such as a tree branch, to your advantage.  I was hoping they'd evolve the game into something more like Bushido Blade- with a semi open world to run around in and allow a much larger interaction of the environments.
     They've also shown we get the X-Ray attacks back, individualized weapons return, and the iconic move that started it all remains intact- The Fatality.
     The graphics have come a LONG way since the first one way back in 1992.

     Source [ Ed Boon Twitter ]

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