John Carter (of Mars)

     Two years ago today, John Carter of Mars was released in theaters.  Unlike most of the reviewers and critics, I actually love this film.

Seriously, why does everyone keep calling me He-Man?
     Many things may have hurt it including the notorious reviewers, but honestly I hope it turns into a cult hit.  It's doubtful considering how poorly it did monetarily.  I would urge anyone who hasn't yet seen the film to pick it up.  It is based on the original book (Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars- from 1912 (the serialized version, whereas the novel was collected in 1917, it's 100 years old) and is rightfully the progenitor of all the science fiction films that came after, such as Dune, Star Wars, and Flash Gordon.  I'm not kidding, John Carter was created before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, even before my favorite pulp character Conan.

     Anyways- after seeing it at least 3 times in theaters I was quite ecstatic, and when it arrived on Blu-ray and DVD I have since watched it like 20 more times.  For me this is one of those films I can watch on repeat.  They even did what I thought to be impossible, they clothed Dejah Thoris.  John Carter has even been updated in a way I actually have no issues with.  Technology and explanations make much more sense now that they've altered the story.
     No doubt this movie does have flaws, but it is still a tremendous film.

     By Issus I find myself chanting Dotar Sojak!

     I doubt we will get another chance to return to this beloved Mars, but we can always dream...

"Ock Ohem Oktay Weez Barsoom!"

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