Batman: Arkham Knight: The Knight and The Riddler Revealed

     We have a nice little reveal of the titular character called the Arkham Knight.  As Rocksteady created the character for the game, and have given no details about them- I would like to offer a possible suggestion.

A new Darker Knight?
     Being that the trailer gives us 2 narrators- Scarecrow followed by Bruce Wayne's father Thomas- I wonder if the Arkham Knight is Batman's fear of what he himself might become.  All his fears manifested as maybe a dual personality where he takes on too much and becomes his own worst enemy.  A bat version of Tyler Durden.

     I honestly hope it's not a long lost Wayne sibling.  Or an illegitimate child of Bruce's.  Well, we just have to wait and see what kind of character Rocksteady has cooked up for us.

     Oh, and here's that Riddler image.

     Source [ Playstation UK ]

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