Explorers Getting a Remake (And No One Knows Why)

     One of my top 5 favorite movies of all time is getting a remake.  It's a seminal classic from the 1980's young sci-fi called Explorers about 3 boys that receive dream communications from aliens and build a spaceship.  This film shaped my life a ton and I am a little worried about what will happen to the integrity of the original film.  Really, this feels a oddly unnecessary, because the original is so good- it features early Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix, as well as Jason Presson, and was written by Eric Luke and directed by Joe Dante of Gremlins fame (he also directed the wonderful cult classic Tom Hanks film The 'Burbs).

     Remaking this would be along the same lines as remaking The Neverending Story, Flight of the Navigator, or Goonies.  They are still tremendous and shouldn't be redone.  However, if done correctly they could be good in the right hands.

     Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec (writers of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) will be producing the project and writers Geoff Moore and Dave Posamentier are set to script the film for Paramount's Insurge label.  It could be in worse hands.  We could end up something like the Star Trek reboots or another Prometheus- all I ask for is to treat the original with the utmost respect.  And maybe have the original writer and director look it over before release.

     They better not mess with Wolfgang's pet mouse Heinlein's amazing quotes.

"I... would like... Cheese..." and "...Go... to...  hell..."

     For some Joe Dante thoughts about the film [ Movie Geeks United Interview ]

     Source [ The Hollywood Reporter ]

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