X-Men: Days of Future Past New 2nd Trailer

    This new trailer is fully loaded with footage and hints.  There was Shadowcat crying over might be a dead Iceman (after his fight scenes?), and I even saw a nice bit where Shadowcat uses her power with Bishop to run through a bunch of stuff.
     I wonder if maybe Taylor Kitsch will be a surprise cameo as Gambit (The Witness) of Bishop's era?  Since we already know that the next film is set to be the Age of Apocalypse, there's a decent chance- as the Witness was an important character to Bishop, well, at least highly influencial.

     There's a good chance Bryan Singer can make X-men a viable series again.  He has the chance to make this amazing, and it looks to be on the right path.  (Although with Mangold already listed to helm the next Wolverine film- I am a bit skeptical.  Look what butchery he did to the last film.)

     X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in theaters May 23.

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