Dumblr: A Dumb and Dumber To Site and Release Date

     The long-awaited and much anticipated Dumb and Dumber To get and official website called Dumblr and a release date.  The film is set to arrive in theaters on November 4th, 2014.

     I have much higher hopes for the Farrelly Brothers with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels than the Anchorman 2 team.  I've never been disappointed by a Farrelly film, and Carrey and Daniels taking so long to agree to it means the standards have been kept.  Anchorman 2 felt far too long.  They should've just cut the whole (SPOILER WARNING) Ron goes blind scene out.  That would've tightened the film up by 30 minutes.  (END SPOILER)

    I'm going to try and preorder tickets right now.

     UPDATE: Apparently- according to a very confused AMC theater worker, this isn't a movie, "and even if it was, it won't be out for a long time" so I can't preorder tickets yet.
     That's lame.

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