Deus Ex Go, Just Cause Go, and Life is Strange Go Registered Domains!

     Something I've been hoping for since back in October of last year has happened, maybe the Deus Ex costume in Lara Croft Go was indeed Easter Egg I thought it to be- as Deus Ex Go is one of 3 new domains registered.  It's looking good that Square-Enix Montreal might be continuing the path of turn based puzzle games.
     Back in November I had tweeted Square-Enix Montreal and got this as a reply-

     -leaving me hoping for more of their tremendous mobile games.

     Three Square-Enix properties have been registered for domains, Deus Ex GoJust Cause Go, and Life is Strange Go.  These domain registrations have been done through CSC Domain Tools, which Square-Enix has used previously for their domain registrations, making this a much more likely that this is a real thing.  BUT!  Simply registering domains is obviously not a guarantee of game development.  We can only hope that these are all on the way.

     I am actually surprised with the Life is Strange Go.  I would've thought Thief or Murdered: Soul Suspect to be much more appropriate properties to adapt to the Spartan designs of the Go games, with some intriguing mechanics potential that could be used.  Perhaps Life is Strange Go will have a time-warping process included in the turn-based system to keep in line with the main game, possibly working a bit like the dimensional warping in Ghosts of Memories.

     Beginning with Hitman Go, they've followed up with Lara Croft Go and its DLC The Shard of Life, and have kept up a wonderfully elegant and distilled form of gameplay.  And I would genuinely like to see what they can do for these other properties in the Go style.

     Source [ NeoGAF ] via [ Gamespot ]

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