Lara Croft GO: A Hint for a Future Deus Ex GO Game?

     I wanted to throw this little post up for consideration while I'm finishing my review for Lara Croft GO.  Coincidentally, this post comes on the same day as Square-Enix is announcing the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order, complete with overly ridiculous and complex system that changes with more people pre-ordering the game- leading to a small media debacle.  Apparently they've designed a tiered system of physical and digital bonuses, with one being a 4 day early copy of the game marketing it under the appropriate term of "Augmentation."

Lara Croft raiding tombs wearing the Deus Ex costume- augmenting her sense of badassery.
     Hopefully this will be a bit of potential good news for players, and fans of both Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO.  One of the unlockable items in Lara Croft Go is a particular costume of interest- a Deus Ex suit- of course that is also one of the franchises Square-Enix publishes.

     The inclusion of the Deus Ex costume in this game, obtainable through an IAP, as is the Hitman costume, leads me to wonder if developer Square-Enix Montreal is hinting at a third game in the GO series.  Obviously, this could mean nothing at all, and just be a neat inclusion.  This is just my own speculation, but we can always hope for more right?

     I mean, think about it- the Deus Ex series would be a tremendous addition to the GO games' turn-based puzzler mechanics.  The nature of the world of Deus Ex and the series' stealth elements would translate perfectly.

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