We Happy Few: 1960's Post War Madness & Psychedelics

     An uneasy feeling of paranoia completely permeates Wellington Wells, an isolated island town located in the southwest of England in 1964.  Compulsion Games' upcoming title We Happy Few is set in a place where players take the role of the only person not being medicated with the drug "Joy" into a life of blissful content and eerie optimism.

     The drug-addled townspeople are against any forms of deviation in their dystopian world, and have been made hyper-alert to those that don't conform to their "perfect" society.  If the townsfolk become suspicious and start to believe you haven't been popping Joy (and thus be labelled a "Downer"), they'll become violent quite quickly in an effort to eradicate anyone not taking their happy pills.  Players must find ways of blending while working out a way to escape the island town.

     In this first-person survival roguelike players begin in an underground shelter with a small workbench and a few supplies, and then exit into a procedurally generated world.  At the players disposal will be a multitude of ways of working it out, hopefully finding new tidbits and clues with each death.  Players will have to rely on a slew of skills such as stealth, combat, crafting weapons and devices, along with the need to hunt for food and supplies.

     One can even take, either purposely or accidentally through tainted liquids, the prescribed Joy yourself in order to appear to conform with this cookie-cutter society.  This proves to be a highly interesting game mechanic taking Joy slowly leads to brighter and more vivid colors in the world, with more upbeat music and other characters won't attack you in this state.  But at the potential cost of overdosing and suffering the consequences of dropping into a slowed down black-and-white world where hunger and thirst come at greater rates.  A brilliant risk versus reward system.

     We Happy few looks to be a wonderful survival roguelike steeped in the same atmosphere of paranoia as Bioshock and is currently slated to arrive on PC and XBox One.

     Source [ Kickstarter ]

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