Final Fantasy: Portal App: With Exclusive In-App TRIPLE TRIAD Card Game!

     The Final Fantasy series has come a long way, and today Android devices now can get a hold on the Final Fantasy: Portal App, which is a companion app to the vast series offering news on related merchandise.  It also has a slew of mini-games and ways of earning in-app points.

     There is also a free Portal App version of the original Final Fantasy game for players.  But, the item that has me excited is the free Triple Triad card game.  If anyone has played Final Fantasy VIII, it was the mini-game included.  I enjoyed the Triple Triad card game so much that I was demoted 2 in-game Seed ranks because I played it too much and avoided the main game's quest.  A hilarious inclusion that nudges players away from frivolous mini-games and back to the main focus.

     Alas, while we finally get a mobile version of the game, there are apparently some HUGE downsides to it.  First, there is currently a time limit (to earn crystals/stamina) to play matches, allowing only one play every half-hour.  Meaning we might expect the torture of micro-transaction bombardment that is driving players away from Square-Enix simply to continue to play the game.
     Then Google Play's reviewers are also complaining about needing an offline mode for the Triple Triad game.  Stutters cost energy to play and the game is lost, thus wasting extremely valuable energy.
     Lastly, many are also complaining about the App's sluggish and labyrinthine nature.  It's hard to navigate and the issue is greatly exacerbated by the slow program.  And having no home button is a nice cherry on top.

     Hmmm... a poorly designed app, a multitude of issues, and an energy limit for the beloved Triple Triad card game?  It looks like I'll be waiting to play until the app is heavily patched, and the problems are fixed.  Someone needs to toss a Phoenix Down on the original TT game and revive it in its true glory.

     Source [ Droid Gamers ]

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