Necropolis: PAX Prime's 2015 Trailer Hilarity

     I've been keeping tabs on Necropolis since the SXSW earlier this year.  Now from the PAX Prime 2015, Harebrained Schemes have released a brilliant new trailer making the most of the nature of constantly dying in their 3rd person rogue-like dungeon survival game.

"NECROPOLIS is a third-person action roguelike, set in a living dungeon that changes every time you play, filled with monsters, myth and magic, and lorded over by the mad mystical intellect known only as the Brazen Head. 
So come on by. Bring your friends. Every time you die, win a monster pin of the fiend responsible for your demise (collect the whole set!) And for those who make it to the end, we have a very special prize."
     Necropolis looks to be not just a purely skill-based game, but something both beautiful, and more importantly, a fun game.  It will be coming to PC either late this year or early 2016, with the potential to head to consoles TBD.

     For more information check out their [ Official Site ] & [ Press Kit ]

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