Asterism: An Interdimensional Puzzle-Adventure About Exploration, Love, and the Stars

     Asterism is an upcoming adventure game by developer Neutronized focusing on inter-dimensionality and traversing the character's normal 2D realm into that of 3D alien realms.

     Taking cues from Fez, and a lot of inspiration from Cave Story, the game has the character Jin hopping between parallel dimensions by jumping through black holes, in typical Metroidvania-style level design to save his best friend Coy through clever use of perspective shifting between 2D and 3D.

     What sets this platforming-puzzler apart is the intriguing story from the official synopsis:
     "Asterism is an adventure game about stars, exploration, and love taking place in between our world and a mysterious parallel dimension, home of superior alien beings. A team of scientists is running an experiment to determine if star patterns can be used as a key to communicate with parallel dimensions. 
     The experiment goes wrong and black holes start growing in our world. The first to experience the real danger of this are Jin and his best friend Coy which gets kidnapped by the alien beings and taken into their dimension for apparently no reasons. The team of scientists later find out that Jin is the only one able to travel in and out the parallel dimension due to a special connection he has with Coy. 
     It's now up to Jin to save his friend and our world. 
     Will the love between Jin and Coy prevail upon everything?" 
     In addition to the puzzles and platforming there will be plenty of NPCs to converse with, minigames, and sub-quests.  Plus there is a whole day and night schedule changing the look of the in-game world to suit the player's real life location.  I look forward to exploring this game's world soon.

     Asterism will be coming to iOS devices at an unannounced date.

     For more follow [ Neutronized Dev Blog ]

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