Heroes Reborn: Original Character Confirmed Dead


     Apparently, the seemingly immortal Claire Bennet has been killed prior to the new Heroes Reborn series.  The Heroes original cast member's filming schedule didn't fit with the new series, nor was it supposedly in the works for her to return story wise.

     According to Heroes creator Tim Kring, the new series starts 5 years after the last finale of Heroes Volume 5 where it ended with Claire announcing announcing to the public world on television the presence of people with abilities.  One year before Reborn picks up Kring tells us that there was a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, of which Claire herself was a casualty.
     “It was almost an obligatory baton pass to where we needed to go from there,” Kring recalled of the series finale. “Because we didn’t get to have that fifth season, I did always have that in my mind that there was an unfinished nature to it… This world has become a very different place. There’s something really great about this: This is not the fifth season, this is actually the 10th season as if there were seasons in-between. I had always wanted to tell the story of when the world discovers these people.”
     What I am wondering is, could it be that the terrorist attack actually be a "hero" like Sylar or Samson Gray? (See pic above, which I made for another blog post long ago)  Or perhaps someone with an inherent ability gone awry, but looking to get assistance- like Peter Petrelli being the bomb in season one.  Personally, I am hoping it will be Samson Gray gunning for Claire's healing, and destroying any potential ties or evidence.  Though that is a very long shot, and quite unlikely.

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     Source [ Entertainment Weekly ]

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