Disney Interactive: 22% Drop Due to Low Infinity Sales

     With all the varying toys-to-life products available, Disney has been having a bit of trouble maintaining sales profits and engagement with the Infinity brand according to their earnings report.  Honestly, they are still making a lot of money, and in less than a month the Disney Infinity 3.0 will hit the market with Star Wars headlining the game, which will be a money-making juggernaut conveniently in time for Christmas.

     Over the last year, the sales have slowed, but that is to be expected.  At $15 per figure, the game can get very costly to even play as some favorite characters.  Personally, I believe finding a way to drop the price to $9.99 might improve those sales greatly.  Possibly make the figures smaller to compensate or something like that.  The figures are wonderful, but that cost is a preventative issue for many gamers.

     While the Infinity game has improved greatly from 1.0 to 2.0, the main core of the game has only been slightly improved.  The Toy Box is a very intriguing addition, but really, it isn't enough.  The Toy Box isn't the main attraction.  Every single person I've talked to about Disney Infinity has the same qualm- not enough story in the Playsets.  The content of levels and story to play through needs to be far greater than what has been already given.  Players want more Playsets, or at least longer ones including things like the large open-world New York of both the Avengers and Spider-Man Playsets.  In another aspect of that same problem, making the missions replayable without necessitating resetting the entire Playset, would help considerably.

     So what this comes down to is essentially cost versus content.  Lowering the cost will always be a good thing, and giving players more stuff to do is generally a good idea.  Fixing either one would certainly help sales, but altering both would definitely impact the players will to continue buying and playing.

     Disney Infinity 3.0 will release on Aug. 30th on pretty much every possible system imaginable.

     Source [ Game Informer ]

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