Captain America: Civil War: Trailer 2 is Damned Amazing... Like Spider-Man

     The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is downright spectacular... much like our first glimpse of Spider-Man in the film.  Although I think he looks a little bit "off"- like the cg is strange or something, it's great that we get to see him.  The new suit design is neat but looks a little cartoony considering the more serious looks of all the other characters in the movie.

     We finally get to see the Hawkeye and Ant-Man arrow, real Black Panther hatred towards the Winter Soldier, and Scarlet Witch being a true contender to take down Vision in terms of real power and potential.
     I was hoping that this film would be far better than the ridiculousness that came out of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it definitely looks like it will be.  Marvel appears to be putting in the actual creative time to craft a story worth watching that isn't just an end of the world scenario loaded with shallow writing and plots and over-the-top action sequences that Hollywood is so intent on using.

  Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters May 6th.

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