Venom: A Spider-Man Spin-Off Film is Being Reconsidered & Thoughts

     According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is now reconsidering the previous idea of a Venom film.  Spider-Man will be on it's second reboot with Tom Holland in the lead role as Peter Parker, a role held previously by both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield who also happens to be crossing studio borders to appear in the role in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

I'm hoping for something like this- Ultimate Comics Venom. 
    The Venom film is rumored to be back on track after once being written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci- the writers that helped ruin Khan in the new Star Trek film- and even at one time being in the hands of the Deadpool film's writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.  That could've turned out actually awesome.  More so now that R rated comic book films aren't immediately discounted.

     Currently, the one-time Spider-Man villain turned anti-hero Venom is supposedly being penned by Dante Harper as the beginning of a new and separate franchise from everybody's favorite friendly neighborhood hero's.  This might be a good thing, as Harper assisted the screenplay rewrite for the film Edge of Tomorrow.  Outside of the forced happy ending that movie was pretty damned good.

     We currently have no real idea which Venom we'll be seeing, though odds are on it being Flash Thompson.  He was a long-time bully of poor Parker, but he changed his ways and went on to be friends with him.  Serving as the host of the alien symbiote, given to him by the government and adding enough power to go about heroic activities.
     Granted, it could be about the lethal protector Venom, with Eddie Brock as the host, who had a lasting hatred for Spider-Man and an odd affinity for protecting "innocents," though his idea of innocent could be a little vague at times.  That would make an excellent darker film.  Though not nearly as dark as a Mac Gargan Venom would be.  Gargan went from being the villain Scorpion to being a very villainous hero Venom on the Thunderbolts team.  The Thunderbolts had a very grim idea of heroism during his time.

     Hopefully they've learned that people don't want more teen-angst driven garbage as the last couple Amazing Spider-Man films have been.  It doesn't have to be R rated, but it certainly needs to be a more mature film in terms of substance.

     I mean, really, it can't be nearly as terrible as Spider-Man 3's Topher Grace Venom right?

     Source [ The Hollywood Reporter ]

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