Huntdown: A Mobile Arcade Shooter in a Crime-Ridden Dystopian Future

     Two Swedish guys, Tommy Gustafsson and Andreas Rehnberg, have taken it upon themselves to create a mobile game reminiscent of the good old days of arcade game shooters.  Their game, Huntdown, is a grand and pixelated cyberpunk world filled with violence and mayhem evocative of the classic sci fi film Blade Runner.  The world presented here is very akin to those of the Shadowrun, Judge Dredd, and Robocop variety.  It's dark, it's gritty, and it's absolutely brimming with bad guys to be gunned down.

In the future, crime is king. Mighty gangs rule the streets while the police desperately lose control. The authorities put their trust in hired guns to do their dirty work. A price is set on all the gang leader´s heads.
It´s time for the Bounty Hunters. 
It´s time to hunt ´em down.
     The creators say they're sick of IAPs and microtransactions for health and weapons and so on creating barriers in mobile gaming.  They wanted to make an old school game that had some challenge, but more importantly- was the type of game they wanted to play- with fun gameplay.

     Huntdown looks to be a glorious homage to classic arcade shooters made by people that actually grew up playing these type of games.  Games like Contra, Rush'n Attack, and the ever-persistent Metal Slug series.  Honestly, this trailer brings me back to the days of playing Blackthorne, Robocop vs Terminator, and Alien 3.  Frankly, it looks amazing.

     Huntdown is expected to release in 2016 for iOS and Android devices.

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