Ghostbusters: NEW Full Trailer & Thoughts

     Just a half hour ago Sony dropped the new Ghostbusters reboot trailer featuring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth.

     It definitely looks better than I had been expecting, but...
     ...once again, as so many reboots are likely to do, it seems to hinge on too many of the first film's shots and familiar moments.  That being said, the trailer is only two and a half minutes, so maybe they are using those shots to lure old fans in.
     I'll be seeing this regardless- not only because I've been a fan since the first film and old cartoon series, but because all these ladies are hilarious as hell.  And Paul Feig has been doing pretty well in the director's chair, most notably with Spy.

     In truth I'm worried it'll lack all the nuance and subtlety the first film had.  This trailer seems like they are sacrificing depth of world-building for a slew of one-note jokes and slapstick and in-your-face humor many modern comedies tend to resort to.  If this movie is to do well, I think it'll have to let these women do something great with the roles, and use the first film less as a crutch and more of a jumping off point.

     These leading ladies are more than the typecast roles they seem to always get.  I want to see McCarthy doing something new and different with this role.  Not her typical two-part naive but nice lady or its standard alter ego the hard-ass loudmouth she gets in nearly every movie she's in.  She can do so much more and this is a chance to really do something special.  Wiig can be more than just a quiet nerd scientist.  And so on.  Each one of them is highly talented and should be allowed to let the roles grow and give them some new avenues to pursue other than simple talking or physical comedy.  We want intelligent comedy back, and this is the perfect starting point that can renew that form of smart humor.
     Until it arrives, I'll I can do is cross my fingers that they get it right.

     Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15th.

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