Overrun: Comic Review (Issues 1-4)

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     Overrun is a wonderful new comic series by writers Andi Ewington (creator) and Matt Woodley, and given life with a brilliant and colorful art style by Paul Green.  The art is very reminiscent of artists such as Mike Wieringo or J. Scott Campbell, and the digital colors are damned outstanding.

     Overrun gives us the virtual lives of files in an office's computer world and some heroes taking action to prevent an evil mastermind from CPU Headquarters ruining their virtual city with a virus that corrupts files, turning them into zombies.  It starts with a courier named Cooper unknowingly becoming a trojan horse as his ticket and memories are swiped while on the "POP mail" train to deliver an email.  He winds up being the host of an infection, and that's where things begin to get great.

To Protect the Server

     Upon Cooper's arrival at Arcadia Falls the virus gets out and a totally non-trademark-infringing group of real-life-analog heroes takes it upon themselves to thwart the new found threat.  We get Sarge, a struggling reality TV star (video game character), Red Shogun (a G.I. Joe-esque ninja master), Pepe the French electrician (certainly not an Italian Plumber), Lucy Carter (no Miss Croft here), Dag-Dag (quite similar to some other famous yellow electric rodent), former wrestler Tiny that is totally not Hulk Hogan, and a woman named Faith.  There's also two Government Security Agents, Norton and McAfee, assisting in the adventure.
     Some of the characters feel a little flat at first, but it is more than made up for with sheer fun-factor.  The book begins a bit slowly, but rapidly gains momentum, and once the story picks up the pace, it ramps up quickly and then maintains a breakneck speed all the way to the end.  There's an absurd amount of action, humor, and all around great entertainment crammed into a mere 4 issues, which is becoming a rare thing these days.

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     Overrun is a fun-filled comic series absolutely packed with creative uses of things we all know and enjoy.  This book is what Tron should rightly be, with a dash of The Walking Dead thrown in, and a whole lot of homages to video games, technology, and pop-culture.  Where Tron's landscape was barren and dark, the city of Arcadia Falls is vibrant and feels very much alive.  It is full of files and interactivity, the way modern computers really are, and that is completely loaded with stuff.
     This series truly has something special in it, and I really hope the creators return to the world they've created.  The opportunities for future stories are limitless with he way tech changes and grows in these 4 issues have laid the groundwork for some serious potential should they go on to produce more books.

     Overrun is a definitely a series to read, and I look forward to what new stories may be on the way from the city of Arcadia Falls.

     Official Site [ www.weareoverrun.com ]

*Review copies provided by Andi Ewington. Thank you for introducing me to these!

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