Dead Island: Definitive Collection Trailer & Retro Revenge

     The Dead Island games had a really rough year in 2015 with the Dead Island 2 first being delayed and then losing developer Yager pushing the game off the release charts completely, and then later the servers for the amazing Dead Island: Epidemic closed down.  Now the franchise looks to be on the mend in 2016, or at least beginning to mend.  

     About a month ago both the Brazilian and Australian ratings boards leaked the ratings of a new Dead Island game subtitled "Retro Revenge."  By new it is actually a collection of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide and ALL their respective DLC packs included.  In addition buying the PS4 or Xbox One collection nets you a new beat-em-up game, where the title comes from, Retro Revenge.
     According to Deep Silver Retro Revenge is a "classic side-scrolling/endless runner action game" with leaderboards, achievements, power-ups, super attacks, a combo system, and "plenty of depth."

Dead Island: Retro Revenge
     The Definitive Editions can be purchased for $20 each or $40 for the Collection, and the games will be available on March 31st for PC, PS4, and the XBox One.

     I actually wonder where Escape Dead Island disappeared to...

     Source [ Deep Silver ]

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