Ghosts of Memories: Review: A Beautiful Interdimensional Puzzle-Adventure

     Ghosts of Memories is a beautiful 2.5D isometric puzzle-adventure game that looks like a combination of Journey and Lara Croft GO, with a mysterious landscapes full of strange architecture.

     The art designs and overall aesthetic evoke a magical wonder wandering through the ruins of the ancient worlds as players navigate the dimensions as a lone wanderer that has come across a voice trapped in a scepter.  With the scepter granting you magical powers, you may travel between dimensions and manipulate the environment to solve puzzles, all the while unlocking parts of the story piece by piece.

     When it comes to the puzzles themselves, they are fairly straightforward.  Sliding tiles to bridge fragmented platforms, rotating obelisks with illuminated glyphs, and even temple statues that spin to alter the floors all around you.  Finding pathways between dimensions and shifting structures to solve the problems never gets too perplexing.  Ghosts of Memories maintains an oddly amicable sensibility when it comes to difficulty.  It's never too easy, but never too taxing at any point- it hits just the right note between the two perfectly.

     The music is peaceful, subtle, and alluring providing players with a grand score making the game quite a relaxing endeavor.  The soothing sounds and chimes filling these worlds are truly sublime.  Even the voice in the staff that narrates the traveler's quest is equally compelling in its otherworldly sound, offering its esoteric knowledge whenever possible.  Each of these elements together really add to the effect of feeling like you are in another enchanted world abandoned to a kind of forgotten serenity, and not simply roaming the floating ruins of a lost civilization.

     In the end, Paplus Games' Ghosts of Memories is a delightful puzzle game set in a captivating world with a satisfying story.  If you have an appreciation for isometric puzzle games such as Monument Valley, or for enthralling tales reminiscent of Ico, I can't recommend this enough.  It's an enjoyable and impressive game with a uniquely tranquil way of unraveling its story, and I genuinely look forward to whatever games they make after this.

     Ghosts of Memories ] will be available on iOS and Android devices Oct. 16th.

*This game was reviewed with a copy provided by the developer.

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