Red Amazon: A Micro Game Review

     I came across Red Amazon in some random searches at GameJolt, and it proved to be quite an intriguing 5 minute game.
     Red Amazon drops you in a cabin in the woods with no explanations, and allows you to piece together the story for yourself.  Due to the game's mere few minutes of play there will be spoilers in below.


     The official description:
Note: You can die/lose/win.
Another note: Its not a horror game.
     What makes Red Amazon such an interesting piece is the fact that there's just enough material to allow the player to piece together a small story as to what is going on.  There's no hand holding, no guidance, and no hints whatsoever.  Once the game ends, die, lose, or win- you are left without any concrete answers, leaving you to question what really happened.  That is something I really appreciate here.
     You are dropped into a cabin in the woods and through searching you find a few bullets, a gun, and a hidden cache of money.  Over the course of the game you can be shot, shoot the man that arrives in the red car, and possibly more.  If I don't immediately shoot him but shove my gun in his face, will he lower his gun and allow me to lead him to the loot?  Whatever you decide to do, you never get full resolution in the end.  Did you win by killing the man?  Will you discover why there is a tent in the woods or where the money came from?

     The game has oddly appropriate graphics with some nice shading.  Simple and bleak- evoking a spartan world where no one can help you except yourself.  The music and sound effects, however, really makes this game stand out.  There are small triggers like passing a small burnt area in the woods prompts the sound of a car driving up.  There's also a gunshot in the distance that is notable in the quiet woods.  Fallen trees, animal skulls, and a remote location all add to the feel of seclusion of the character.  For such a small game, it undoubtedly goes above and beyond in creating a unique experience.
     Red Amazon sets a distinct tone that is very reminiscent of a crime thriller like No Country for Old Men and leaves the story ambiguous enough to leave you wanting more.

     To download and play [ Red Amazon ] from GameJolt.

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