No Man's Sky: Update & Info with Stephen Colbert

     The upcoming, and immensely anticipated game No Man's Sky has been talked about for some time now.  It is a sci fi game returning to the exploratory roots of the genre.  New information is trickling out, and there is still no set release date.  The rumors are that it is soon, according to Colbert's guess in the clip with Hello Games' Sean Murray.

     In this clip of No Man's Sky from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert is impressed at the sheer size of the game they've created.  The fact that we'll all be dead long before everything is discovered is astounding, with something like a 5 billion years to fully explore the game.  But, more to the comedic effect of Colbert's show, the best part of the video is the "Mine!" the Colbert naming gun says when naming things, second only to the hilarious names newly discovered creatures get, such as the Colbison, Molebert, and the Stephenus Rex.

     No Man's Sky looks to potentially bve the exploration game of a lifetime.

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