Star Wars: Cancelled Darth Maul Game May be Re-Awakened

     In a recent Reddit AMA Red Fly Studios CEO/Owner Dan Borth has said that they are hoping to "resurrect" the game from it's cancellation from LucasArts' closing its doors.  To do so the studio is working in their off time on a next gen demo to showcase the Sith Lord's abilities. (The video below is from the old gen systems)

     The game is described as taking place in Maul's pre-Phantom Menace time and would give us a great example of the path to the Dark Side through our own actions as Maul.
Young Maul age 9 or 11 to right before Episode 1.
We wanted to show what he went through to become a Sith. Showcase the torture the Emperor put him through. Show how you as the player would have made the same mistakes and ended up a Sith.
The Jedi are incredibly flawed in their opinions on not getting involved but getting involved and spying on people and using their abilities to get what they want. They are just like the Sith but don't admit it - the Sith admit it.
      With all the Star Wars stuff flooding the market, we could use a game like this.  The card game is boring, Uprising was alright, and the new update for Knights of the Old Republic looks great, plus Battlefront will be out soon enough, but we need something more along the lines of The Force Unleashed- so hopefully EA will see the merits of a game like this and support it.  Maybe they'll also consider bringing Star Wars: 1313 back into production as well.  I don't really want a Boba Fett game, but it'd sell and I'd sure as hell buy it.

     As a fallback plan, Borth mentioned, "Hopefully EA will see the value in us re-skinning our combat mechanic to be more in line with what they are thinking for Star Wars if they are not interested in Maul."  The fans want some in-depth 3rd person action games, and this makes sense as Maul has been confirmed to still be alive.  They could even cut in portions of his post Obi-Wan fight, and up to the more modern times to explain how he survived.

     To show our support Borth has asked us to go on Red Fly's Twitter (and other social media outlets) and let Disney and EA know we want this with the hashtag #WeWantMaul.

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