Marvel Heroes 2015: All New, All Different Costumes Coming This Week

     Coinciding with Marvel comics' "All New, All Different" (and All Women) relaunches this week, Marvel Heroes 2015, easily the best free-to-play MMO game around, is getting a wave of new costumes.  This is great thing, as the game needs more everything!

     There will be a new Scarlet Witch, Thor, Captain Marvel, and X-23 costumes, as well as a Spider-Gwen Team-up, which is slated to arrive as an Enhanced Costume for Spider-Man next month.  That means essentially a reworking of an old character with new animations, a new voiceover (by Ashley Johnson of The Last of Us), and so on.
    All of these All New, All Different items will be hitting the game this Friday.

     Personally, I've been waiting for Spider-Gwen for quite a while and have avoided using Spider-Man so I could save the character for use when her Enhanced Costume arrives.  And I'll also be picking up the new Thor costume, and possibly the new Captain Marvel as well.  My Earth X Thor will be swapped out for a time to make room for the new suit.

     In other MH2015 news, Blade has shown up in the forums for discussion (I hope he has a bleed/health steal build), and I'm really disappointed that the Trail of Tears Ghost Rider Enhanced Costume will not be making it out this year.  But I can wait, there's plenty of characters to play as.  Seriously, there's currently 51 playable characters with Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde being the newest.

     Gazillion Employee @Lord gave us a nice little quote here:
"Unfortunately, we will not have Ghost Rider on a Horse this year.
I would check out any upcoming comic-con's for other possible Ghost Rider news though."
     So, while it makes me sad that one of my favorite characters won't be getting what could easily be one of the best MH2015 costumes ever, there is that wonderful little tease about potential news coming up.  Even better that the possibility the news might occur in the next few days at New York Comic Con has me very pumped.

     If you haven't given this game a try, and are either a video game fan, or a Marvel fan, Marvel Heroes 2015 is well worth the time.

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