Back to the Future 2: Today is the Day Marty & Doc Arrive in the Future...

     It's been 30 years since I saw the first movie as a kid, and since then I've hit 88 mph, visited the past, eliminated the need for roads to arrive in the future, and now I'm waiting to see some of the "serious shit" Doc Brown was talking about.  
     I've seen the good things from the series, like the very well done video game- and the amazing relief from the news that there will be no remakes- and can only hope the creators keep the Back to the Future franchise on good grounds with the new IDW comic book series.  The fact it launches on the the exact day Marty arrives is quite a nice marketing tie-in.  Well played IDW, well played.

     As a life-long fan of the series, I've never thought the vision of the future was going to be realistic, albeit it is one I'd hoped might create hoverboards or flying cars in.  I mean, I've put a LOT of thought into the flying cars issue- and it is honestly a great thing we don't have them.  Considering the fact there is still well over 30,000 vehicle-related deaths annually in the us, it's a tremendous feat to keep that number lower.  Adding a third dimension (as opposed to the regular side-to-side and forward/backward of normal cars) to an increasing number of highly-distractable drivers' awareness field might result in a huge increase in fatalities.  But then, I suppose we'd need to create a pilot's license specifically for "flying cars."

     Anyways, until we have self drying coats, self-tying shoes, and hoverboards- Marty McFly's future of 2015 will always remain a future to me in some other parallel world.  The series opened the idea of time-travel possibilities for me, and will remain a pivotal mark in cinematic history.  Regardless of the accuracy of the future it thought might come or not.  Somewhere right now, a Marty McFly is walking around wondering what the hell happened to us between his departure from the past and today.  Perhaps Biff Tannen has something to do with the current ridiculousness the world finds itself in...

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