Far Cry Primal: Announcement Trailer

     At first I thought this was a joke, but apparently the creators of the Far Cry series are taking us all the way back to the Stone Age for our first-person survival enjoyment in a new prehistoric open-world sandbox with Far Cry Primal.  I should've guessed it with Ubisoft running a cave painting teaser on all their streams yesterday.

     This new installment of the series brings us to a time of danger and savagery in Oros, a land filled with lumbering mammoths and deadly sabretooth tigers.  Humans are far from the top of the food chain here, and we will no longer have machine guns, mortars, or any other high-powered weaponry to assist us in our efforts just to keep from being devoured by hungry predators.

     Here's some of the features:
You will play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. You have one goal: survival in a world where you are the prey.

This isn’t the Stone Age you thought you knew. This is the Stone Age with irreverence and mayhem. This is the Stone Age by Far Cry.

After the last Ice Age, the glaciers retreated to leave behind a land blooming with nature and resources where humans and animals alike can thrive – provided they have what it takes to prove their dominance.
     With such an interesting take, I wonder why we don't get the long rumored Far Cry with dinosaurs?  Perhaps we may still get some- this time period might not be close enough to the Ice Age era- but that doesn't mean the creators won't have a dino-filled lost world somewhere in the game.  Think of how strange and amazing Far Cry: Blood Dragon was, and now apply that DLC logic to Primal and the possibility then remains that we could indeed see such marvelous beasts.  I mean, they do say, as noted above, this is "the Stone Age by Far Cry."

     Far Cry Primal is set for a February 23rd, 2016 release on PSS4 and XBox One
          And a PC version to follow shortly after in March.

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