Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Platinum Games Developing "Mutants in Manhattan"

     Over on the Australian classification board, an interesting item appeared- a multiplatform Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game subtitled "Mutants in Manhattan."  And what's even better about this little tidbit of exciting info is that it's being developed by Platinum Games.

It's about time we get a new TMNT game.
     The last two games by Platinum were pretty decent, The Legend of Korra and Transformers: Devastation (both with Activision), so we might expect a very distinct take on the franchise.  Although Activision is currently listed as the publisher, they've yet to release a comment or any official announcements about the future title.  We can only hope that Platinum will give it a better treatment than Red Fly who had all the rudimentary elements for a great game but couldn't quite make it work with Out of the Shadows.

     Because this is still in the purely speculative phase, at least until there's an official announcement, we have so many options that the game could be like.  Will it be a open world 3rd person beat-em-up game or a simple, but effective, callback to the old arcade brawlers?  I mean it can't be just a coincidence the title is so close to TMNT: The Manhattan Project.  Will it be retro-based on the old 80's TMNT cartoon, or perhaps another take on either the current Nickelodeon series or a possible tie-in with the Michael Bay produced TMNT sequel to the 2014 film?  There's so much potential to work with here!

     Regardless, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a game worthy of the TMNT namesake.

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     *Picture from TMNT: Out of the Shadows

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