Street Fighter V: Thoughts on Why R. Mika's Butt Slap was Removed

     After about a month of fan speculation as to the reason Capcom removed R. Mika's trademark booty smacking taunt animation from Street Fighter V, we get producer Yoshinori Ono's thoughts.

     Ono claims the change was not due to external pressure, leading people to think it is not censorship, but rather, going on to explain:
"These changes have arisen internally. We decided to remove it because we want as many people to play, and we do not want the game something that might make someone uncomfortable."
     Coming from my own perspective as a long-time Street Fighter player this is absolutely ridiculous.  Rainbow Mika's butt is still in full view throughout matches, and whether she slaps it or not as a taunt, it's a move that is completely and without a doubt within her character's personality.  It makes sense, if Cammy or Chun Li were to do it, it would be outrageous, but not for Mika's silliness.  This is taunt is from a move where she literally sits on someone's face.  Her tag-team wrestling partner, Yamato Nadeshiko, and Mika fly ass first at their opponent smashing their face between their cheeks and then into the ground.  I would also like to note that Mika's partner, Yamato's name is derived from a Japanese phrase for the idealized perfect woman.  Regardless, this hilarious move is part of her wrestling style and flare.
     And for those that would find this one peculiar move "uncomfortable," you might want to reconsider the rest of the entire game.  The game is about beating the ever-loving crap out of people.  If beating someone up makes you less uncomfortable than seeing someone slap their own ass, that's on you.
     Even if you were to find that one small thing uncomfortable, would that mean you wouldn't play the game at all?  Probably not.  So those that would be uncomfortable to begin with most likely are not even playing the game any ways.  This feels more like they're trying to prevent the current outrage culture in video games from having something to latch on to and complain about.  I mean they've already altered Cammy's entrance shot to something more appropriate, but they've not yet addressed all the funny boob jiggling.  It just seems like it was a decision that while not censorship, may have been done for fear of incurring some that would cry foul.

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