X-Men: Apocalypse: Full Official Trailer Has Arrived

     Bryan Singer sure knows how to cut damn good trailers.  X-Men: Apocalypse has brought to us images of the iconic villain coming throughout history and wreaking havoc by initiating the end times and a rebirth from the old world.  An intriguing take on the Egyptian god-man, but how will they handle the celestial technology from his backstory as Marvel still holds those film rights?

     With all they've gotten here and all the mutants, I wonder if we'll get to have a sneak cameo appearance by Proteus- acting as a deus ex machina against Apocalypse?  Very, very doubtful as their stories never really crossed.  But then they have shifted a lot of things around to make these films work in this timeline anyways.
     Regardless this trailer looks pretty awesome.

     X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters May 27th, 2016.

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