Star Wars: Cancelled Darth Maul Game May Not be Force Awoken

     Last we heard Game Fly's CEO Dan Borth was hoping that the previously cancelled Darth Maul focused Star Wars game would be "resurrected, " but things aren't looking too good for it right now.  Game Informer has an exclusive interview well worth the time to read, that makes it sound like EA doesn't want to let anyone else play with their precious Star Wars license.

When we last talked, you said you were hoping to talk to EA or Lucasfilm? Has this happened? 
I never personally talked to them, but they sounded pretty non-interested. I think the whole thing could be summed up with "No comment." We didn't even have a conversation, really, and I think the thing that is most depressing is that we didn't even really talk about it. ... It really feels like [EA] has an exclusive party going on, and they're just not interested in talking about anyone else joining the party. It's more like, "Nobody outside of EA is going to do stuff, end of story.”
     With such a money-making franchise and EA's cash-grab mentality, this is exactly what it looks like.  They don't want to let someone get even a sliver of the pie.  Which is kind of stupid because the Reddit AMA went viral and incited a huge amount of fan support and it would end up making EA money without their need to actually do anything other than publish the finished product.

     When asked if they had been asked to stop making the game, Borth said, "No."  That could be a hopeful thing, but he follows it by clarifying and saying that it's pretty clear the project isn't going anywhere, and that they (and the Star Wars community in general) are not being listened to.  That is very disheartening to hear, because we'll end up with more half-assed mobile Star Wars games like Uprising, Galaxy of Heroes, and Commander.  Nothing with the heft and quality of The Force Unleashed, which is a huge disappointment for many hardcore Star Wars gaming fans.  Even Battlefront wasn't nearly as great as it could've been- I mean they didn't even bother to include a campaign mode.  We'd like some real plot driven stories and expansion to the Star Wars universe through way of the video gaming experience.  Way to go EA.

     Seriously EA (and Disney), as a gamer and a lifelong Star Wars fanboy, listen to your buyers:

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