Marvel Future Fight: Huge New Update! All New, All Different Costumes and Spider-Verse Characters Arrived

     Yesterday, the second best Marvel Comics related game (the first would be the ever-amazing Marvel Heroes 2015!), the free-to-play mobile game Marvel Future Fight received a monstrous update just in time for the holidays!

     Developer Netmarble has combined the Daily and Bonus missions, Villain Siege and Dimension Rifts can now be entered at will, four more characters have received 6 star skills, and we get a bunch of new characters and costumes.

     The new characters we get are all Spider-Verse related- we get Miles Morales' Spider-Man, Silk, and the current fan-favorite Spider-Gwen.  The costumes for the 7th series are mostly from the All New, All Different material- there's the Superior Spider-Man, Black Bolt, new suits for Sister Grimm, Gamora, and War Machine, as well as Captain America's Winter Soldier costume and Captain Marvel's classic black and red Ms. Marvel suit.

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